Unlock the Power of your Data with Quality Window
Unlock the Power of your Data with Quality Window
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P.O.Box 1347
Cornwall, Ontario

Tel: 613-938-0900
Fax: 613-937-3315

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Providing Practical SPC Solutions to Companies of all sizes since 1986!

Busitech has provided cost effective SPC solutions to companies of all sizes in over 70 countries around the world! The ability of our software tools to adapt rapidly to change, and having those changes made by the people who use and depend on it to make critical decisions, makes our software a favourite of shop floor workers, process engineers and quality managers. This "do-it-yourself" capability means no waiting on priority lists for someone else to make changes you need now!.

Customer Testimonial:
"I have a great quick case study of 2 customer complaints this month. With folks operating the embossing section too high in pressure, causing holes and weak/thin paper".
"I can prove it with a centerline (QW) system"!

For over 20 years the Quality Window suite of products have provided customers with adaptable statistical analysis tools helping manufactures improve their processes through the tailoring of Quality and Process management applications and decreasing losses due to defects and downtime. This results in superior products for their customers and lower costs/increased profits for our customers. The perfect win win situation!

The key points to our customers success with Busitech products include:

  • End users build and maintain their applications - offloads burden from IT departments
  • Use them across the plant or to fill gaps in existing plant wide systems.
  • Low cost to get started under $1000US - no need for long drawn out approval processes!
  • Rapid return on investment - just minutes in some cases
  • Continuous Improvement from the moment you start!
  • World class support - we love to help our customers succeed!

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We invite you to explore this website and find out for yourself just how Quality Window can help your organization.

What's New
What's New
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Busitech provides simple but cost effective solutions for manufacturers in the areas of quality control, quality assurance, process centerlines and product audits. The Event Analysis capabilities provide powerful insights into the sources of efficiency losses due to waste, scrap, downtime, complaints, returns and defects. Ensuring compliance with regulations and standards as well as meeting customer requirements and expectations are important components of the Busitech product line. Developed to meet the demanding requirements for use on the shop floor using industry proven statistical methods. Quality Window and QWXL are simple to use and understand making them the go to tools for minimizing variation and running to an optimum cost effective target. Busitech products provide continuous improvement results that deliver millions of dollars in savings to its customers.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC) are industry-standard methodologies for measuring and controlling process, product and quality critical variables at every stage of the manufacturing process. These include monitoring of the single biggest source of variation in a process - its raw materials. Collecting and monitoring accurate detail information from suppliers is crucial to a manufacturers success. Busitech products like Quality Window and QWXL make it a simple process.. The Quality Window suite of products include automation and device interfaces to eliminate human error while opening the door for using data from every level of an organization including Corporate SQL data bases queries or automation systems (PLC's) that control the process.

Proven SPC methodologies delivered in simple terms through identifying statistical rule violations designed to minimize variation and avoid process upsets are at the heart of the Quality Window SPC tool set. In addition, the data collected using the Quality Window suite of products provide the necessary information for the calculation of efficiencies like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

The Quality Window Suite of products have delivered proven results since 1986 to companies of all sizes across the world. Its adaptability to provide solutions across an organization as well as fill gaps in monitoring activities quickly and at a low cost make it an important tool in any lean manufacturing tool box.