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Unlock the Power of your Data with Quality Window
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Home » Products » Pricing » Quality Window License Server

Quality Window License Server

Quality Window License Server From Help/Register in QW 5 the Server Address:Port# is used to point to the License Server. This step is performed on each client computer you wish to have the licensing controlled by the License Server.
Busitech supports a server based licensing system whereby QW50 users can retrieve a concurrent license from a Licensing Server available from Busitech.

A server license for a fixed number of concurrent licenses can be purchased from Busitech and allocated to the license server.

Existing individual licenses may be converted to a server license by contacting Busitech. An administration charge may apply.

Quality Window ( or higher) is still required on the client computers.

How it Works
Quality Window License Server Each time a user runs QW50 on a client computer, a connection to the server is made and a license is either accepted or rejected based on concurrent usage and license availability. When the user closes QW50 on a client computer, that license is released from the server and made available to other users. If the user running QW50 on a client computer reboots the computer, or somehow aborts the program, the license server will automatically relinquish that license and make it available.

Quality Window License Server The user can execute an unlimited number of QW50 sessions on the same client computer and logged onto the same userid which would only count as one concurrent license to the server. In a terminal server type environment, each terminal session executing QW50 would be considered a user, and thus require a license.

At any time, individual licenses can be converted into a server license pack, making the individual licenses null and void. An administration charge may apply.

Conversely, a license server license may be converted into individual licenses making the server license null and void. An administration charge may apply.

Click here to find out more about installing QWLicense Server.

QWLicenseServer is managed by an Administration module located in the Windows Taskbar Tray. The Administration module allows you to set General options, Add/Remove Site Licenses, and define Security restrictions as to which IP addresses, Computer or User names are allowed to access the License Server.


  • Quality Window Build or higher on the client computers
  • QWLicenseServer (available upon request) installed on a server