Unlock the Power of your Data with Quality Window
Unlock the Power of your Data with Quality Window
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Download QWXL 3 Now
QWXL 3 Charting Tool for Microsoft Excel®

Charting Tool for Microsoft Excel®

QWXL 3 offers is a charting tool for Microsoft Excel®. Groundbreaking charting and statistical options help you visualize the data in your spreadsheet - all at the simple click of a mouse. Unprecedented adaptability lets you customize how QWXL 3 handles limits and calculations, and you can easily print out the charts, save them as graphics or import them into other applications.

QWXL 3 offers over ten different charts displayed on five charting screens. It also automatically calculates over 100 statistics - on the fly. And it now includes a log sheet option to let you view your spreadsheet data in the intuitive colours that Busitech is famous for.

Why You Need QWXL 3
Micosoft Excel® is a popular program that is great at crunching numbers. Having your data in Excel® means it is easy to share spreadsheets with your colleagues, suppliers and customers. QWXL 3 adds power to your Excel® spreadsheets by giving you powerful charts and sophisticated statistical analysis. These tools are simply not available in Excel®.

You data can be from a manufacturing process, labratory results, or even from financial reports - QWXL 3 will help you find the hidden relationships in easy to understand charts.

Download and Try!
You can download QWXL 3 and try for 30 days without any obligation!